Photo by Ryan Musick

Photo by Ryan Musick

About Good Denim

Many of us have parents or grandparents who, despite living in a modern world with a throw-away mentality, remain true to their upbringing in the way that they keep things. And reuse them over and over. And find new ways to use something that’s become a bit worn out. Yet it is these inventive, creative qualities that lead to a sustainably-lived life, a life to which we must return today if we care about where we live tomorrow. It is this ideology in which Good Denim was founded.

In 2012, I needed a new creative outlet. As both of my great-grandmothers were avid and skilled quilters, sustainable sewing is in my blood and I had always had an affinity for it. The hum of the machine, the ability to get perfect lines, combined with my love of sketching and construction... all made sense. Putting this outlet to use, I made some baby gifts from a stash of old denim. In that moment of making something old into something new, Good Denim was born.

Since that time, I’ve experimented with many different designs, ripped out hundreds of stitches, challenged my skill sets in both design and technique and learned that sustainability and sewing are both things I’m passionate about. And, hopefully made my great-grandmothers proud.

Join me in making a conscience effort to reuse and recycle all your textiles.
Good Denim supports the mission of the Council of Textile Recycling "Zero by 2037." Learn more here.


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